A new pre-treatment plant for Latvijas Piens cheese factory as BEST investment

BEST investment in Latvijas Piens cheese factory in Jelgava, Latvia was completed in the end of year 2019. A new pre-treatment unit including an equalization tank and a flotation unit with a flocculator will be in full operation by the end of March 2020. Right now, the new pre-treatment plant is being commissioned and tested. Latvijas Piens is discharging its wastewater effluent to Jelgavas Udens municipal WWTP. High BOD and nutrient contents of the factory’s waste water have been challenging at the WWTP. The new pre-treatment plant will solve this problem and enhance the treatment results at Jelgavas Udens WWTP. Furthermore, the flocs collected from the pre-treatment unit will be utilized for biogas production.

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