Baltic Sea Challenge

The work in project BEST is related to the Baltic Sea Challenge, coordinated by the cities of Helsinki and Turku. Baltic Sea Challenge (BSC) is a network initiative that invites organisations to commit in protecting the Baltic Sea and their local waters, to building their own Baltic Sea Action Plan and to implementing it. In 2018 there are already 270 member organisations in the BSC Network from the countries around the Baltic Sea. The network is free of charge and open to every interested organization committed to take concrete action to protect waters on a voluntary basis, exceeding the requirements of law and their own core operations.

We offer the members of the network e.g. support for creating concrete water protection measures, international framework for water protection plans, networking, visibility and exchange of experiences. Tools, good examples and implemented actions can be found in the Tools for water protection website. Welcome to the Baltic Sea Challenge network! Your organization can join here.

Read more:, Twitter / @bsc_network

BSR WATER – Platform on Integrated Water Cooperation

As the lead partner of project BEST, City of Helsinki participates in the BSR WATER Platform which is coordinated by the Union of the Baltic Cities (UBC).

The BSR WATER Platform project is funded by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme and running from October 2018 to March 2021.

Platform projects are a funding resource for regular projects like BEST to further develop and find synergies in their outputs and results. Platform projects gather lead partners from big Baltic Sea wide EUSBSR Flagship Projects’ for creating e.g. stronger policy recommendations and proposals for legal development.

Project BEST via its lead City of Helsinki participates especially in the BSR WATER workpackage “Facilitation of the regional policy dialog on sustainable water management”, lead by the Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission HELCOM. The aim is to cover urban water management in a wide perspective, from stormwaters (volume & quality) and industrial sewage (hazardous substances) to municipal sewage and sludge nutrient recycling, energy efficiency and finally utilization in agriculture. In particular the activities “Developing regional policy recommendations on nutrient recycling” and “Developing recommendation on hazardous substances” are important for the work with industrial waste waters in the BEST project.

In addition, City of Helsinki also participates in activities on stormwater management i.e. “Developing policy recommendations for implementing sustainable urban storm water management”, which are relevant for the City of Helsinki related to the work of the former iWater project (on integrated storm water managment). Helsinki’s role is to support and advice the stormwater work. Through the Baltic Sea Challenge the City of Helsinki also participates by gathering water protection and water management good practices and tools, and co-operation among stakeholders e.g. throug organising and participating in big international events.

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