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15 September, 2018

In accordance with the Personal Data Act (523/1999) 10§ and the General Data Production Regulation (GDPR), May 2018

1. Registrar

Project BEST – Better Efficiency for the Industrial Sewage Treatment
Collection and storage of personal information is organized by the BEST Lead Partner City of Helsinki:
c/o Environment Services, Viikinkaari 2a, City of Helsinki

2. Contact information on the register issues

Project BEST manager Kajsa Rosqvist, kajsa.rosqvist (a)

3. Name of the register

BEST Project partners and stakeholders

4. Purpose of the register

The purpose of the register is to promote, disseminate and communicate information regarding the BEST Project’s activities, events and projects and to facilitate cooperation and networking among the project partner organizations and other stakeholders.

5. Use of the register and content of information


Personal information provided by the subscribers is used as a database for sending newsletters about the BEST project activities. Collected personal information for disseminating BEST newsletters include name, surname, phone number and email address. Collection and storage of personal information is organized by the BEST lead partner City of Helsinki. Register details are kept confidential and not shared with third parties. The newsletters are stored and disseminated via MailChimp (Privacy Policy available here). The database for sending the BEST newsletters will be deleted by 2030.


The BEST Project cares for several events organized or co-organized by the BEST Lead Partner City of Helsinki. BEST Project uses registration forms built in its website to collect personal information for organization of project events. Collection and storage of personal information is organized by the BEST Lead Partner City of Helsinki. Register details are kept confidential and not shared with third parties. To facilitate event organization and management, the collected personal data include name, surname, organization, title , country, e-mail address, phone number. Moreover, during the events, other data can be collected in the forms of photographs, presentations or video recordings. These can be published in the context of promotion and communication of the BEST project activities on the websites, social media channels, newsletters or bulletins. When registering to events, also additional relevant information may be collected related e.g. to participation or diet; these will, however, be deleted directly after the event.

With any questions regarding the usage of personal information, as well as for updating, changing or deleting own personal details, please contact the BEST Lead Partner.

6. Handling over data and transfer of data outside EU or ETA

The information collected in the register is not handed over outside the BEST project partnership, neither outside EU or ETA. MailChimp makes an exception. MailChimp is a US-based company, meaning that data is transferred outside EU. However, MailChimp uses encryption that is certified by the EU-US Privacy Shield framework. When using MailChimp e-mail service the name, e-mail and possibly organization of the receiver are used.

7. Principles of the protection of the register

The personal data in the register is confidential. The city of Helsinki/ BEST project and the service providers of the registers (Seravo Oy and MailChimp) take care of information security to the best of their ability.

8. Right of inspection

Each individual person in the register has the right to inspect personal data collected of him/her in the BEST Project register or that there is no data. Inspection requests are to be sent to BEST Project manager in written form.

9. Correction of data

The registrar has to correct, remove or complete any erroneus, unnecessary, obsolete or incomplete personal data without undue delay either on its own initiative or requested by a person in the register.

10. Cookies

Cookies and how we use them

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