Guidelines for industrial waste water management (WP5)

Project BEST will produce national and Baltic Sea Region (BSR) wide guidelines for improved management of industrial effluents based on the project results. The guidelines will describe the legislative, technical and institutional developments and solutions needed towards improved management of industrial waste waters and sludge to reduce the environmental load:

  • Most feasible technologies, efficient permitting and monitoring practices and best cooperation practices are recommended both for waste water and industry sectors
  • Tools for resolving conflicting interests of different target groups, e.g. communication and joint planning with different stakeholders, including local community, to balance social, economic and environmental sustainability of decision making processes.

Target groups:

  • Legislative, permitting and monitoring authorities in different levels.
  • Municipal WWTPs affected by industrial effluents and private industries discharging to the municipal treatment plants.

Responsible partner

John Nurminen Foundation

Read about proceeding of WP5 work through these links:

Work for BSR wide guidelines has been started

Country specific guidelines for all partner countries

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