Doruchow commune is investing in a new treatment line for industrial sewage at the local treatment plant

Watch the interview of the Project Manager Andrzej Erwinski about the investment through this LINK

The Doruchów municipality in Poland is currently operating a small biological waste water treatment plant (WWTP) based on activated sludge, but the treatment plant needs modernization and more capacity to be able to function effectively. Industrial effluents comprise a large share, up to 80 %, of the total waste water load entering the WWTP. In the BEST project, the Doruchów Commune is investing in a separate treatment line for the sewage from meat industry facilities in the area. The new treatment line will be based on new phosphorus filtering media, Polonite, which not only removes phosphorus from waste water, but also enables full phosphorus recovery.

Read more about Doruchow commune and the investment through this LINK


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