Efforts to create BEST training concept is ongoing work

The Estonian Water Works Association (EVEL) arranged a national training event on 11 June 2019, for Estonian waste water treatment (WWT) experts, public authorities and waterworks personnel. Special attention was given to the impact of industrial waste waters on the activated sludge processes at the treatment plants. The training event consisted of a seminar where the invited experts presented practical solutions and suggestions for better management of activated sludge process at WWT plants in different situations and possibilities to monitor and improve the process. Furthermore, the presentations gave solutions for industries how to adjust production technology and utilize water reuse in the processes to reduce the amount of forming waste water, and thus, reduce the pollution load to the WWT plant.

One of the goals of the BEST Project is to produce capacity building materials and methods to train water utilities, industrial companies and authorities in order to achieve better control and management of industrial waste waters. The capacity building materials and methods collected and created through international cooperation are then tested in the local national events in the participating countries. Based on the experience the materials and methods are then refined and adapted to local circumstances.

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