Education and training

Training for WWTP operators

Flyers for particular industrial sectors
Flyer for truck drivers

Training concept, ideas and examples for arranging seminars, workshops and training.

Infographic about pre-treatment in dairy
Infographic about pre-treatment for metal-coating industries
Infographic about pre-treatment in fish processing plants
Infographic about pre-treatment in pharmaceutical plants
Flyer to meat industry

Flyer, instructions for dairy industry about wastewaters
Flyer, grease instructions for restaurants
VIDEO Pre-treatment at Kalevala koru jewelry factory
Infographic about cooperation between different stakeholders
VIDEO Pre-treatment practices at Valio dairy
VIDEO Pre-treatment at Kalatukku E. Eriksson fish treatment plant
Flyer for septic tank owners and septic sludge truck drivers (in Polish)
VIDEO Pre-treatment practices at Orion pharmaceutical plant
VIDEO Pre-treatment at Fortum waste processing plant

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