BEST Project workshop in Riga, Latvia

Workshop on management of effluents from food and dairy production

Introduction to Project BEST (pdf), Kajsa Rosqvist, City of Helsinki

SESSION 1: Management of industrial wastewaters in the BSR

Assessment of the current situation in the BSR – comparisons, bottlenecks and success stories (pdf)
Sandis Dejus, Riga Technical University

Wastewater treatment and management in Latvia– current requirements and possible developments (pdf)
Iveta Teibe, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia

Contaminants in waste water from households in Latvia – comparison to industrial wastewater (pdf)
Jānis Jansons, Lakalme ltd.

SESSION 2: Treatment of effluents from dairy production

Industrial wastewater pre-treatment at dairy: Case study of A/S Smiltenes piens, Latvia (pdf)
Karina Steinberga, A/S Smiltenes piens

Dairy wastewater treatment in Poland (pdf)
Katarzyna Umiejewska, Warsaw University of Technology

Investments in Project BEST in the dairy sector

Co-treatment at cheese factory E-Piim and WWTP in Põltsamaa, Estonia (pdf)
Kuldar Kipper, E-Piim Tootmine and Põltsamaa Varahalduse

Flocculation process at cheese factory Latvijas Piens, Latvia (pdf)
Imants Bozovics, Latvijas Piens LTD

SESSION 3: Stories of cooperation among industries and waterworks

Variations in industrial wastewater composition at inflow of Riga wastewater treatment plant, Latvia (pdf)
Romans Neilands, Riga Technical University, Rigas udens ltd.

Managing effluents from varying industrial sources

Case combined wastewater treatment plant in Municipality of Eura, Finland (pdf)
Pirjo Patala, JVP-Eura Oy

Case Warsaw Waterworks and Czajka plant, Poland (pdf)
Paweł Królak, City of Warsaw

Introduction to Baltic Sea Challenge

The Baltic Sea Challenge – sparking local action and international cooperation (pdf)
Esa Nikunen, City of Helsinki

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